How many Steps per Day?

You should walk 7,000-10,000 steps per day. However, this number may be higher or lower for an individual depending on their age, level of physical activity, and specific health goals. For example, older adults may need fewer daily steps to maintain their health due to decreased muscle mass and lower metabolism. On the other hand, … Read more

How many Calories do you burn walking 1000 Steps?

On average, you’ll burn 29-38 calories (kcal) by walking 1000 steps at a brisk pace. This depends on your weight, gender, height, and age. The range mentioned above refers to the calories burned by males (38 kcal) and females (29 kcal) of average weight and height. For better estimates of the energy expended from walking … Read more

How many Steps does it take to lose 1 kilogram?

On average, it takes about 160,000-240,000 steps to lose 1 kilogram (kg) walking at a brisk pace. Your weight, pace, height, and gender are all factors that affect the exact number. I’ve discussed all of these factors below to make it easier for you to estimate how many steps it would take. Initially, 160,000-240,000 steps … Read more